Perry County Counseling Center

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Targeted Services

  • Comprehensive Prevention: The Center has a prevention staff person who works in Perry County to provide prevention services focused on preventing substance abuse within the community. The staff also works with various groups in the school and community including Life Savers and Big Brother/Big  Sister. and offers assistance to raise awareness, provide community education and become actively involved in local prevention efforts.

  • Individual Placement and Support (IPS): This evidence based program works with persons with serious mental illness. An Employment Specialist assists these individuals with the job search, placement, and retention and also helps individuals achieve higher education goals. This program is integrated with the individual's mental health services to ensure the success of the individual.
        -In addition to the Mental Health IPS program, the Center (in partnership with local Division of Rehabilitation Services) is expanding IPS services to anyone wishing to seek employment and is in need of support to achieve their employment goals who is over the age of 18 with a diagnosed disability.

  • DUI and Risk Education: The Center provides DUI assessments, three levels of DUI Risk Education (Moderate, Significant, and High) and DUI Treatment Sessions are offered evenings and Saturdays. This service is offered to all Illinois residents.

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